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What are HODL and other expressions

Cryptocurrency has got a big community since it started in the 2009. And similar to other communities, also crypto group has their own slang and expressions, that someone not included might not understand. Here is a list of some most known and used.

HODL stands for “hold on for dear life”. It was actually a misspelled word of “hold”, which happened on a bitcoin forum in 2013. People have adopted the word and is now normally used. Its meaning is to hold on to cryptocurrencies, regardless how high or low it might go.

FUD stands for “fear, uncertainty, and doubt” and is targeting multiple events on crypto market. Could be for stagnant or bearish price movement, poor fundamentals, etc.

FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”. You might have heard this expression also outside of crypto world and is targeting people, that have a combination of panic and envy for not having an active position in a market, from which other people are profiting.

WHALE in crypto world is an investor, that has a massive position in specific cryptocurrency. For example, bitcoin whale could be someone that owns 50.000 bitcoins.

PUMP AND DUMP is also many times used with classical investing, e.g. stocks. It describes the market manipulation and is illegal in regulated securities.

WHEN LAMBO became synonymous for crypto success. People that got rich with investing into cryptocurrency were able to buy Lamborghini, the prestige sport car, hence from where the term “when Lambo”.

CRYPTOSIS is when someone got too much into cryptocurrency and can’t stop talking about it.

TO THE MOON is a term that describes hopes of investors, that prices of crypto will skyrocket to the moon, e.g. it will make them good profit.

BTFD stands for “Buy the f*cking dip” and is encouraging investors to buy or re-buy when there is a correction on the markets.

For more term’s explanation, you can check our Crypto Dictionary here.

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