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What are Decentraland and MANA?

Decentraland is a blockchain-powered virtual reality platform where users may develop, enjoy, and monetize content and applications. Decentraland is one of the earliest attempts to create a decentralized internet, which is a new sort of universe. People in Decentraland will actually own their digital assets, unlike in typical online venues like Facebook or Twitter. You can also explore and speak with individuals from all over the world, as you can with any other virtual reality (VR) platform and immerse yourself in social VR experiences. But it's the project's use of blockchain technology to support everything from land purchases to platform transactions that makes it truly ground-breaking.

The Decentraland project aspires to build a virtual common place managed by no one but its residents. Unlike other social media sites, you will own your digital content on Decentraland. That implies you can sell or give away your Decentraland avatar to another user. It is a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology that lets users to create augmented reality lands in which they may purchase, trade, or rent land parcels. On the Ethereum blockchain, digital assets such as land are held as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality platform that allows users to construct their own virtual reality worlds, sell content, and even earn Decentraland tokens by hosting other users in their virtual reality.

Decentraland has its own blockchain, called Ethereum Aland, that allows users to do unique transactions. Because Decentraland is designed on a peer-to-peer network with robust cryptography, content ownership is entirely safe and censorship-resistant. No one can edit or censor material inside Decentraland. Here are some activities available in Decentraland: It's a location where you can meet people, buy and sell things, and use cryptocurrency to enter a virtual reality environment where you may vote on how the world is constructed. Decentraland enables new types of real-world value creation that go beyond money and markets, such as sharing virtual reality settings with friends and interacting with them in new ways.

The reasons why decentralized virtual reality is so warm welcomed are freedom, actual ownership of things and privacy. However, even though that Decentraland is a type of metaverse project it is not the same as Metaverse. 

The official currency, which you can spend in this virtual world to buy different things is a cryptocurrency called MANA.

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