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What is Yearn.finance YFI

The Yearn.finance protocol's native coin is YFI. It is a governance token that lets users to vote on the protocol's future direction. Because of the protocol's concentration on automated yield farming tactics, YFI has been one of the most popular Ethereum-based tokens since its inception in July. Yearn.finance may be thought of as a robot that is continually looking for the greatest Ethereum DeFi returns.

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, has experienced exponential development as protocol yields have risen higher. The emergence of governance tokens, which allow holders to affect the development of protocols, is credited with a significant portion of this rise. Governance tokens are an important step towards the decentralization of DeFi systems.

Yearn.finance launched YFI in July 2020, riding the wave of governance tokens. It instantly gripped the cryptocurrency market, rallying from $3 to $30,000 in less than a month. Yearn.finance is an Ethereum-based protocol that was developed by Andre Cronje in early 2020 with the goal of giving its customers with the greatest returns on ether, stablecoins, and altcoin deposits. Andre Cronje is a financial technology developer from South Africa who was inspired to create Yearn.finance after seeing variations in the returns given by several DeFi programs.

Vaults are the protocol's core feature. Users may deposit bitcoin and earn interest. A strategy is used to manage the deposited funds in order to maximize rewards while minimizing risk. Vaults began with an emphasis on stablecoins, but they've now expanded to include ether, tokenized Bitcoin goods, Chainlink, and other coins. Vaults are significant because they reduce the high cost of Ethereum transactions. Because capital is pooled, only one account (the controller of each Vault) is responsible for paying transaction fees (gas) to the yield farm.

Yearn.finance also provides more services. Earn is a condensed version of Vaults that only accepts stablecoins and tokenized bitcoin. Users can exchange traditional stablecoins for liquidity provider tokens that reflect stablecoins via Zap.

While YFI was important to Yearn.finance in terms of generating deposits and attention, it also served another purpose: decentralizing protocol development and control among users. The farming system allowed each user to generate YFI at the same time and at the same cost, whether they had $100 or $1,000,000. This meant that anybody could buy YFI and control Yearn.finance. A full governance platform has been built since the launch of YFI, where token holders may vote on different choices suggested by community members.

While many people are focused on YFI's pricing movement, it is significant because it signalled a shift in how protocols may be incentivised adoption. It has been said that the launch of YFI was the "fairest launch since Bitcoin," because everybody could participate in the coin's creation for the same fee.

Instead of employing an ICO model, in which users pay a set amount for each new currency, YFI users were required to engage in the protocol. Because every user has the same capacity to influence Yearn.finance through the governance token, a community grew quickly around the project. The employment of a team of marketers and engineers, as well as the inclusion of particular tactics to Vaults, are examples of decisions taken thus far.

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